1896 and 2020

These two years are identical on the calendar. I like that a lot. Seems like the perfect time to end this amazing adventure. I’ve been told that ending the story without recovering the gold would be alright. So many other elements have entered the story the reader might not be disappointed. But I would be. I didn’t start this adventure to write how I almost found the lost gold bars of Camp McKinney.

Mount Baldy had a record snowfall and now the runoff is threatening to cause flooding in some areas. Two years ago a heavy spring flow caused major changes along Rock Creek that hadn’t happened in years, maybe decades. Hopefully the melt won’t last too long and perhaps the force of the water will aid my search.

The planet alignments favour a conclusion this year in what is supposed to be one of the luckiest years of my life. I can’t wait to make that come true.


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