On the Road to Mount Baldy

On the Road to Mount Baldy

With perfect fall weather and renewed enthusiasm, I returned to the target site to continue my exploration. I love the history of the area and feel part of the area as much as the locals. Game hunters seemed more frequent this year though I’m now limited to weekends only so perhaps there is no change. I do know the game numbers are healthy enough to support the sport in the area. I’m glad I can eat without having to hunt but then meat has practically disappeared from my diet and shooting fruits or vegetables offers little excitement to me.

I am getting soft in my sixties, I admit. Though the temperature during the day reminded me of the summer, nights are getting colder. My stay at a near Bed and Breakfast offered the comforts needed for my old carcass. Parts of me need to be rebuilt and upgraded to better condition so I’m in the slow motion process of the medical system. And with that I’m ever more careful than my more youthful exuberance of the last few years. While I don’t like returning home without success, I do like returning home to think, plan and write.

My immediate attention now turns to a long overdue visit to the Royal BC Museum in Victoria. While there I hope to examine many of the British Columbia Police Files from the 1890’s as well as catch the final days of a museum exhibit called “Gold Rush! El Dorado in British Columbia.” In 2009 I became a short term manager of the Yale Historic Site and Museum so my interest in early BC history rose dramatically. I felt honoured to receive Dr. Rose Charlie’s family piano from 1853 and transfer it to the museum. The Marshall & Trevor piano helped to save the lives of Rose’s grandparents during the tumultuous Fraser Canyon War.

About James

As a semi-retired senior, I researched the story of the lost gold bars of Camp McKinney. My years in agriculture allowed me to comfortably search the rugged BC forest uncovering valuable clues over the years. Although I have paid a high cost for my unwavering search, I have once again seen the magick and power in nature.
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