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Temperatures in the forest were significantlY cooler than in nearby Osoyoos. Thankfully. Two full days in paradise never seem to be enough but the four hour drive home allowed for many thoughts to be considered regarding the changes in terrain over 118 years.

It occurred to me the first hard evidence I discovered a full year ago had not been hidden underwater. In line with the hardware found last October the hiding pattern became clearer. I had underestimated Matt’s level of planning more than once. And the changing stream bed. Only one significant spring flood might’ve altered stream flow and there may have been several.

Measurements taken with strong plastic twine proved interesting as well.

About James

As a semi-retired senior, I researched the story of the lost gold bars of Camp McKinney. My years in agriculture allowed me to comfortably search the rugged BC forest uncovering valuable clues over the years. Although I have paid a high cost for my unwavering search, I have once again seen the magick and power in nature.
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