January 2014

With a memory from the TV days of my youth calling to me, I heard the strong voice of Tennessee Ernie Ford singing his very memorable “Sixteen Tons.”  I especially enjoyed the final chorus where he raised his voice to a memorable level and practically shouted the words.  In the solitude of the forest, a man could borrow the music and twist the tune to suit his own situation.

With apologies to Tennessee Ernie and his great voice:

I drove thirty odd times and what did I get?

Another year older and deeper in debt,

Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go,

I owe my soul to Camp McKinney’s gold.

The snow and icy conditions along the eight kilometer forestry road were substantial, the drive both directions slow and difficult.  But not impossible for a quest that cannot be denied, only delayed.  Still weak from a winter’s bout of the flu and lack of general good sunshine, a smart inclusion concerned a young man in peak physical condition who knew which end of a shovel and heavy pry bar to use.

Mild temperatures and moderate creek flow allowed for a good examination of several potential sites.  The main target produced only minor debris yet still another visit to the main hardware excavation produced another interesting item in the form of an unknown strap of metal with a notch purposefully cut on one end.  It might be a tool but I am still unsure of it’s intended purpose.

A shortened day owing to travel and waning daylight yielded nothing more than mystery and cold digits.  But determination remains high due to the ongoing discovery of items directly related to the man and his robbery.  Perhaps Mother Nature will bless me with an early spring in the Boundary country that contains my ultimate reward.


About James

As a semi-retired senior, I researched the story of the lost gold bars of Camp McKinney. My years in agriculture allowed me to comfortably search the rugged BC forest uncovering valuable clues over the years. Although I have paid a high cost for my unwavering search, I have once again seen the magick and power in nature.
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