Late October

I returned to the previous dig site with thoughts of finding the missing pieces of glass bottle, whiskey I think. Instead I found another carefully hidden treasure from Mathew Roderick. The TDI Pro suggested I dig off to the side of the goods found previously. First I uncovered an inverted blue enamel wash pan. Interesting. Carefully clearing away the muddy soil I found another, smaller white pan clam-shelled over a third and smaller one.

I knew the size of the pans were too limiting for hiding gold bars so I didn’t get overly excited when I carefully slid the pans towards me. Inside were carefully placed granite ware dishes (3), an enamel cup and saucer. The smallest granite dish appeared to be for a bar of soap or a few smoked oysters. Would I find a candelabra too?

While a good argument might have it that all the previous finds were astounding coincidences to be in close proximity to each other, these carefully clam-shelled pieces were intentionally stashed in this manner. And they answered a long unanswered question: how did Matt know when the bars would go clattering down the old wagon road?

He didn’t. There may have been a general idea of when but secrecy did prevail. All these food associated goods told me Matt had to camp and wait. I was elated to find so many articles connected to a story that only told of gold bars. There I was, digging up his personally used belongings that showed a great level of planning. Poker players are not stupid, then or now.


About James

As a semi-retired senior, I researched the story of the lost gold bars of Camp McKinney. My years in agriculture allowed me to comfortably search the rugged BC forest uncovering valuable clues over the years. Although I have paid a high cost for my unwavering search, I have once again seen the magick and power in nature.
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